Turning Automotive Seating - TAS

A revolutionary automotive solution – Turning Automotive Seating(TAS). Years of research and engineering have resulted in these products that help individuals, once again, gain access to their cherished vehicles. With hundreds of vehicle specific mounting kits for almost every type of vehicle.

Turny Orbit

Standard Features:
• Rated weight capacity of 330 lb/150 kg
• Turny Orbit has full power rotation.
• Turny Orbit rotates and powers out and down.
fabric seat (without armrests) in black, tan or grey color choice.
• Lowers either 12 in/300 mm or 16 in/395 mm depending on application.
• BPA (Base Plate Assembly) and seat mount kit.
• Front application includes air bag resistor kit and door spacers (where applicable).
• No structural modification to vehicle
• Hand-held pendant controls with extension for convenient mounting location
• Fully crash tested
• Applications include minivans, full-size vans, mid/full-size SUVs, mid/full-size pickup trucks and selected CUVs.
Other models are available - contact us for further information.

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