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Versatility and value are just two of the benefits that make a rear-entry wheelchair van an appealing choice for many families. From seating flexibility to headache-free parking, a rear-entry wheelchair van makes travel straightforward and easy, whether you’re headed around the corner or across the country.

Wheelchair Passenger Ready

Ideal for wheelchair passengers, the rear entry vehicle conversions provide a variety of seating options to accommodate different family needs. The counterbalance manual bi-folding rear ramp is easy to open and close, and locks firmly into place for travel.

Benefits of Rear-Entry 

 Conversion is made less expensive by the partially lowered floor.
 Seating options on some models enables greater care by allowing a caretaker to sit next to the wheelchair user.
 Roomier vans provide more accessibility with up to 2 wheelchairs.
 Easier parking in public lots since wide parking spaces are not needed to deploy a ramp.

Compatible Models

Power Ramp

Toyota Sienna | Dodge Grand Caravan

Manual Ramp

Chrysler Pacifica | Dodge Grand Caravan | Toyota Sienna

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Note: The wheelchair user will not be able to sit in the front seat position.

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